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How many people “Like” you?

With so many fast-food locations in the world, how are they to know whether or not a new product or change has made an impact with customers or not?  Well the answer is through social media, especially through the use of Facebook.  With Facebook, Taco Bell, for example, has the opportunity to find out how many people like their new Dorito’s Locos Tacos.

The better the food gets for each fast-food chain, the more likes they will recieve.  For that reason the following are the top 10 most “liked” and most popular chains in 2012.

10. Burger King

9. Chick-fil-A

8. Dominoe’s Pizza

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

6. Buffalo Wild Wings

5. Pizza Hut

4. Taco Bell

3. Subway

2. McDonald’s

1. Starbucks

Site: http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-food/10-most-liked-fast-food-chains-facebook-2012-203400465.html

All of these have had millions of likes, but the most obvious and astounding number is the 21,596,340 likes that Starbucks has gained in less than a year.  They must be doing something right!


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A Crisis Regret

In the spring of 2008, while Dave Carroll was sitting in his seat on a United Airlines plane, he watched as United employees threw his $3,500 Taylor guitar around on the tarmac.  When he asked for United to recompensate him for the damages made to the guitar, they neglected to pay a dime.  Due to this, Carroll made a video called “United Breaks Guitars” and posted it on YouTube.

Here’s the video:


After the video was posted, not only did many publics of United see it, but when United saw it, they decided to make Carroll an offer.  Although United finally made an offer, Carroll made it harder by not accepting the offer, but saying they should give it to charity (charity needed to eventually be disclosed).  Another addition to this story is that after the video appeared, United lost around $180 million (10% in their share value).

This is just one example of what happens when you do not learly look into a crisis.


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What is Jigsaw?

When it comes to crowdsourcing, one name comes to mind, Jigsaw.  This is one of the largest databases,containing the most up-to-date contact and business information, in the world..  It includes over 30 million business contacts and over 40,000 contacts that are added and edited daily by its users.  The information that is included is a phone number, the position, company name, mailing address, and business email address.

What makes this site even more intriguing is the fact that setting up an account is FREE.  All you have to do is make an account and add company contact information and through doing so, you accumulate points.  These points in turn give you access to other business contacts.

This is a great way for people to network within one area.  Here is a video explaining more clearly how the site works.

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The Foundation of the Social Media Release

The social media release did not just appear out of nowhere, it began after a blog written by Tom Foremski.  Foremski was an annoyed journalist/blogger that was tired of the traditional press release.  In 2006, he made a blog not only containing his opinions about the press release, but suggestions on how it could be made better.

These suggestions included:

1. Deconstruct the press release into special sections and tag the information so that I as a publisher can pre-assemble some of the news story and make the information useful.

2. Provide a brief description of what the announcement is, but leave the spin to the journalists. The journalists are going to go with their own spin on the story anyway, so why bother? Keep it straightforward rather than spintastic.

3. Provide a page of quotes from the CEO or other C-level execs.

4. Provide a page of quotes from customers, if applicable.

5. Provide a page of quotes from analysts, if applicable.

6. Provide financial information in many different formats.

7. Provide many links inside the press release copy, and also provide a whole page of relevant links to other news stories or reference sources.

8. And tag everything so that I can pre-assemble my stories.

(taken from Tom Foremski’s 2006 blog- http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/mt/archives/2006/02/die_press_relea.php)

And with these suggestions, the social media release was developed!


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Listen to Your Audience: The “Anonymous” Case

All digital natives worthy of the name must have heard the news: MegaUpload, the most common server used by this generation, had to close last week.

It is not that news especially that caught my attention, but the reactions that followed. Indeed, all week I was suddenly captivated by the actions of this movement, relatively unknown until then, called the “Anonymous”.


Who are they? They are hackers who claim freedom of expression, through more or less legal ways.

From there, I have come to wonder why it was necessary to hack the FBI’s website or the U.S. Department of Justice’s to be heard.

Then, I draw a strange parallel with a conversation I had with my grandmother before coming at UCMO. (Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am currently a French exchange student at UCMO !). In short, I remember she said something like “How lucky you are to go across the world, you will find the joy of writing a letter again!”, I looked at her, stunned and told her that I did not see the benefit of loosing one week in order to send news to someone when I could do it in one minute via Skype or Facebook.

As a simplification, I write letters to my grandmother and I am forced to realize that the quality of conversation and information sharing is far from being the same…

So here I am, having my back to the wall with these two questions unanswered: What is the point of constantly creating new communication tools if no one is able to listen to you? And what is the point of living in a democratic country if freedom of expression is flouted?

Elizabeth K. Stanton


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Starbucks Going Green

Starbuck’s is known as one of the world’s most popular producers of coffee worldwide, but this has also led to some negativity.  According to an article on Forbes.com, Starbuck’s has been known for emitting large amounts of carbon with every single cup of coffee produced.  This has raised much awareness within its public, which has led Starbuck’s to look into major environmental changes within its company.  

One such change that has caused people to turn heads is Starbuck’s new shipping container outlet.  This outlet just opened this past December in Tukwila, Wa.  It consists of one 20-foot container and three 40-foot containers.  

According to Spokesman Alan Hilowitz, the core mission that Starbucks’ is trying to display with this new, cleaner addition is “providing a gathering place for communities, using Starbucks’ scale ‘for good,’ and reducing the corporation’s carbon footprint — while also recycling the same kind of shipping containers that transport our coffees and teas around the world.”

This goes to show that Starbuck’s is not only listening to what their publics have to say about their company, but are thinking above and beyond just their problematic coffee cups.

Here is a link that displays pictures of the new shipping container outlet: 


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