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My Way or the Earned Way

on 04/10/2012

In the past, there has been a fairly clear distinction between paid media and earned media.  Paid media dealt more with advertising, and earned media dealt more with publications, news stories, and events that were more public relations driven tactics.

I found an article by Gil Rudawsky on PR Daily: Europe, titled “Earned Media vs. Paid Media”.  The article relates to the topic of social media causing the “blur” between paid and earned media.  He mentions that, ”Marketing and SEO companies that pay for placement are competing for PR business, and leaving those of us in PR industry explaining why we’re getting fewer media hits.”

Rudawsky describes the key differences that remain, even though social media created some gray area.  Earned media is demonstrated by fostering relationships with public and rewarding them with quality and interesting information.  It involves developing information that keeps going them as well as new publics to a site or page.

Paid media is a good tool for the larger companies that can afford it.  It involves sending out a large message on multiple platforms to the largest groups possible and is considered only one-way communication.

The following is Rudawsky’s list of differences between paid media and earned media.














For more articles by Rudawsky, click here.

-Eric Hughey

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