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Ford and its Social Media Success

on 04/10/2012

Here is an article about the success of Ford’s campaign, mixing both social media and paid media.

Few tips to create a successful media campaign:

  • It’s important to create an entertaining experience for people on social. Engaging people is fundamental to the campaign’s success
  • Social has improved product awareness and consideration of Ford’s products tremendously
  • Ford has seen massive savings as they’ve shifted away from traditional advertising budgets and started using PR and internet marketing agencies
  • The skills Ford needs to run their marketing has shifted along with their shift to social.

Here are some interesting thoughts of Ford CMO, Jim Farley:

now what we’re learning is the more entertaining we make it for the participants, the better it is for us as a company.

social media hasallowed us to connect with people authentically

we’re really reducing the amount of traditional advertising we have to spend.

Consequently, the key to a successful campaign is to mix both social and paid media, in order to interact with your customers and have a great visibility.

Enjoy this video !



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