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Barbies Unite Through Media

on 04/10/2012

In an article on Mashable, it talks about the differences between paid, earned and owned media and how they have now become so intertwined.  A company can make as many commercials promoting their products, but they also need social media to help get more people talking about their brand and products.  The commercial would be the paid means of getting people’s attention, while the earned means would be through Facebook, Twitter and such.  An example of owned media would be getting attention through a company’s main website.

A good example of all three of these put together is the campaign to get Barbie and Ken back together.  In 2011, right around Valentine’s Day  and with the new Sweet Talkin Ken doll about to hit store shelves, Mattel decided to begin Barbie and Ken’s reunion.  They used media such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, and Match.com, along with using cupcakes, candy, and billboards to grab people’s attention.  The owned media used was the website created for the event called BarbieandKen.com.  Although they are all seperated into different sections, many of them can be put in more than one section. The ending result was obviously Ken and Barbie getting back together.





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