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A Professional Relationship

on 04/10/2012

Social media makes sense. It’s cheap, you can reach your target market, you can expand your market, etc., the possibilities seem endless. But, as much as you can accomplish with social media, there will always be a place for paid media in its midst.

Sean Corcoran visits and revisits this phenomena in his blogs on forrester.com under Interactive Marketing Professionals. The first of these posts talks about the unlikely marriage between paid and earned media. This post was written in October 2010, so it is slightly outdated by social media standards, but it still raises a good point about the issue. Here Corcoran highlights the close relationship that should be found within paid, earned and owned media. Each brings something to the table that the other two cannot.

The second of these posts, written in July 2011, goes into Twitter’s use of promoted Tweets. This was one of the first variations of the use of paid media within social media. I think Corcoran summed it up in his bottom line: “Focus on your organic efforts and the user experience first, and then try out paid media to accelerate your efforts.”

Where do you draw the line between paid media vs. social media?


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