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Social Media Policy Awareness

on 04/03/2012

I found this video through an article on Mashable, “How to: Get your employees on board with your social media policy.” The video is a summary of the Victoria, Australia Department of Justice’s internal social media policy. It is a wonderful basic outline to any companies policy.

The article outlines some tips and advice for implementing a social media policy:

Understand the internal culture of your company.

Educate employees through continuous training.

Extend the conversation beyond training through internal discussion forums.

Empower employees to drive their careers and company forward.

Create a solid process. 

Tune into “What’s In It For Me,” or “WIIFM.”

Address problems efficiently, proactively and gently.

Give them a voice by ensuring people speak for themselves, not the brand.

What suggestions would you give to those creating a policy?


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