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Making a Punctual Policy

on 04/03/2012

Social media platforms have given people of all ages a voice to millions of listeners.  Along the same lines, every employee has a voice, and every company is responsible for that employee’s voice.  Many people have lost their jobs because what they have posted on their personal social media.  Many people have caused crises from their companies.  Not only does every business need social media, every business needs a policy or guidelines of how to handle employee’s voices on social media.

In an article I found on Inc. Magazine Online titled, “How to Write a Social Media Policy”, I found a lot of great information.  The article is by Tiffany Black and she makes a few very good points.  One of her main points I thought was very interesting was placing a clause within a confidentiality agreement about social media use.  Although employees may take social media light hearted, it is anything but “light” when that employee misrepresents the company.  I thought this was a great point and is probably going overlooked in many businesses.

It is also important to get employees involved in social media after a mutual understanding of the policy is in place.  Employees of a company should not be silent, this completes no type of audience engagement or brand awareness to the public.  Instead, employees should practice positioning comments about the company that places the company in a favorable light.  Employees that understand this importance, yet feel they have free range to craft their own messages on social media will become the greatest spokespeople for the company.

Black also gives 10 detailed points within the article that are important for creating a social media policy. For more articles by Tiffany Black, click here.


-Eric Hughey



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