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How to become closer to your customers

on 03/27/2012

Since the beginning of social media and the new era of consumerism, every consumer has a poweeful voice. Consequently, it is really important to build inflencer relationships. In this article written by Gemma Craven, the author gives few tips to empower customer advocates:

Thank your customers. This point is really important to keep your customers’ fidelity; rewarding your loyalists is not hard, from a simple discount on a repeat purchase to a personalized thank you, which costs nothing aside from effort, it all goes a long way.
Be responsive. According to socialbakers, 95% of Facebook wall posts go unanswered by brands – don’t be in the 95%! Simply responding to your customers can quickly grow advocacy and affinity.


You can see in the next graphic that the telecommunications and airline sectors had the highest rates of answered wall posts, but even those were woefully low, at 26 percent and 28 percent, respectively.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the media industry seems to ignore the “media” in social media, responding to just 1 percent of wall posts, and the automotive industry has stalled on this front, as well, at around 2.5 percent!!!

Look at the communities you have around your brand, whether they are owned or earned communities. You can likely identify your brand advocates pretty quickly, and likely they are not paid influencers but quite simply fans. For that, you can check the website socialbakers and see how many fans you have for your brand and then, try to identify them to give them a proper response.
Review your numbers. Do you know what percentage of your revenue actually comes from new business, and what comes from repeat buyers? Make sure your experience for your repeat customers is as good as the very first time they came to you.
Let your YOU come through. It means customers are tired of being harass by mail and letters inpersonal, they want a real connection with the brands they are purchasing. The new connected environment means your customers want and need a personal connection. Think about how you can bring the human into your brand, with the easiest way being through your connection in social spaces. This could mean undertaking a review of your brand voice with your team, looking at how you currently come across and how you want to be perceived.

In my opinion, the frist and last points are the most important because thanking your customers already implies the three other points, and letting your YOU come through is the main point of social media. How can you have a real relationship with someone if you are not paying attention  to him?

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