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Engaging your public

on 03/27/2012

The practice of PR has changed from the majority of PR in news stories, to now the majority of PR as public engagement.

As practitioners, we must build trust with our publics through continuous conversation engaging the publics. In a report by Edelman, there are certain tenets to public engagement in order to engage new influencers.

• Integrate search into PR. Conduct reputational search and social search to prioritize media and blogger outreach, as well as an outlet for suggestions and complaints.

• Mobilize the influencers. Find out who will most benefit your company. People who are passionate about specific topics, for example. They will need early information and access so they can publicly discuss product or corporate initiatives.

• Inform the conversation. As practitioners, we need to go where the people are, social media, to provide information. Also need to include websites, or apps to utilize the information.

• Understand that every company is a media company. Companies need to offer a depth of content from their core area, so consumers are drawn to your website and well informed.

• Be present and consistent. People uses 8 sources of media per day, and need to hear something 3-5 times to believe it. Involve audiences consistently through many media, and adapt the message to the specific medium.

• Act in a democratic and decentralized way. Give a voice to the people.


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