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Fishin’ Listenin’

on 03/25/2012

Social media, internet, and digital technology have given people of all ages a voice on the World Wide Web.  Smart phones, tablet PCs, and handheld devices have allowed more people to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the internet.  With so many blogs, feeds, and personal pages, the consumer and the public have more power than ever.  Solis states on page 229 of the “Engage” that, “This is an era of consumer engagement and empowerment.”

Solis has frequently illustrated the importance of “Brand Beacons” within the text.  In other words, he is stressing the importance of analytics and data mining.  Properly monitoring the web for brand recognition can be difficult, and it requires the company to engage with the audience and listen.  There are millions of voices, thoughts, and opinions about brands, companies, and businesses on the internet.  Not searching or listening to those voices on behalf of a company is foolish.

Most of the time information received from analytics and listening is free of charge and can have a profound impact on a business.  This is a great example of a tool, or business practice that is a great return of investment (ROI).

A YouTube video I found from the SAS Group illustrates the importance of searching for vital customer information via analytics.  There is an entire sea of information about customer opinion and brand equity on the internet.  Every business needs to be cognizant of that, and go fishing in that sea of helpful information that can lead the company to be proactive instead of reactive.


This video from SAS, explains it in more detail.

For more information on SAS, click here.


-Eric Hughey


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