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Building a Brand via Social Media

on 03/13/2012

With the growing power of the consumer’s voice through social media, companies now have less power over their brand messages. The public now has the opportunity to help shape a brand and influence the buying power of others.

Consumers generally get their information about products from the internet before making a purchase. People can now post their thoughts and experiences with a product. Via social media vehicles, consumers now make purchases based on what their networks think about a product.

Bad news about a company spreads virally quicker than good press, and consumers are more likely to post negative feeback than they are positive feedback.

Companies need to counteract this negative feedback as well as build a strong brand community. An article by Christina Faeh outlines how to build brand champions.

  • IDENTIFY the company mission or values that consumers can share. Providing inspiration or a vision for the company’s target audience can enable them to become followers and swear by the brand.
  • REACH OUT to established communities or online social networks that share the values of the brand. For example, if the company sells organic baby food, then engage a network of mothers who are health conscious.
  • EMPOWER champions with the tools and resources to spread the brand’s value and voice that they share, connect with and live by.
  • NOURISH the company’s champion community through engagement and sharing. When launching a new product, ensure the champions get an early release or have the ability to test and provide feedback. When starting a new campaign, determine how the company might include the champions as part of the campaign voice.

Loyal customers want to have a connection with a brand, so give them content and information that means something to them.



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