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Branding With Humor

on 03/13/2012

It was only a little over a week ago that a new company, DollarShaveClub.com, posted a video presenting what they sold to audiences world-wide.  Today, this video has had over 3 million views.  Why so many views in so little time?  It is because of the humorous approach they chose to go with.



The reason I chose this story is because of how they chose to represent themselves, or in other words, brand themselves.  They have chosen a very relaxed tone, more of a tone you would use to talk to a friend, but the cussing could be an issue.  The  man in the video, Michael Ducin, who is a co-founder of the company, chose to use the word f**king and as I looked on their website, under their “About us” link, I noticed they used the word pissed.  This could offend many people, but it all depends on who you are choosing to target.

“About us” link:


What are your thoughts on how they chose to brand themselves?



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