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Oh Hey, Nice Brand!

on 03/09/2012

Although social media platforms are fairly simply to operate, every company needs to plan strategically about the “brand” it wants to establish.  People have different writing styles across social media and different attitudes are expressed through writing and text.  A company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all need to be promoting the same messages with consistent style.

In the article, “5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Social Media” by Todd Wasserman- he illustrates the concept of consistent brand building through social media. He mentions five points that were developed by the Director of Landor Associates, Michael Sunden.  (Numbered points by Sunden, bulleted information is my interpretation).

1. Establish Your Brand Voice

– Decide upon the messages you want to promote, including the strengths, key messages, or objectives of your company.

2. Invite Commentary Instead of Chest-Thumping

– In other words, force users to be verbal on your threads and posts.  Instead of always boasting or bragging about your brand, invite the consumers to give input and feedback.  Get the consumer involved to show you care.  This is a great example of the importance of pulling instead of pushing.

3. Be Relevant (and Creative)

– Creative content is king.  I added the creative part on this bullet. You must stay up-to-date with current news while promoting your brand.  Certain issues can be tied to your brand and could be used a mini social media campaign. People like interacting with new, exciting, content and being able to relate to current events in multiple platforms.

4. Don’t aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion

– It is important to have a consistent base message and brand.  However, companies should incorporate different strategies to appeal to different niche markets and get a variety of groups talking on the pages.

5. Know Your Audience

– Not only is it important to know the audience, companies need to study the audience.  It is important to know the life styles of your target market.  It is important to know the values and beliefs they have, where they tend to shop, what other sites they go to, and how they feel about the company brand.  Online software such as Google Analytics and Radian 6 can help gather information like this.

For more articles by Wasserman, click here.

-Eric Hughey



One response to “Oh Hey, Nice Brand!

  1. Trish says:

    Great article & thanks for including us. I think both consistency and cohesion are a must.

    All the best,
    Trish | Community Manager @Radian6

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