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Where is the line?

on 02/28/2012

The discussion of personal vs. professional use of social media begs for an answer to this question.

I think the line between personal vs. professional use of social media is the same as person-to-person vs. business-to-person. In the past few years we have been taught to “brand” ourselves (not the cattle kind of brand…duh). Especially when it comes to our use of social media. To learn more about personal branding check out “How students can use professional social networks to enhance their job hunting,”  This is person-to-person use, although we are trying to convey ourselves as a brand, it is a more intimate type of atmosphere.

Now, think of celebrities and/or athletes that you follow on Twitter or like their Fan page on Facebook. What they post we consider to be more personal than say, an announcement or post by the St. Louis Cardinals or Kansas City Royals (I refuse to discriminate either party) as their own entity.

The difference is that they are seen as a business. These posts are viewed as “professional” because they encompass the business as a whole. It is not just one person’s reputation or brand at stake. It is an entire company’s. The players own accounts revert back to the person-to-person use, but anything that is posted by the whole is viewed more so from a business standpoint.

Where do you draw the line?


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