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Together or Separate?

on 02/28/2012

The biggest question concerning social media usage is whether or not to have a unified page for personal and business use, or two separate pages. An article by Melanie Pinola discusses the pros and cons of having a unified social media page or a separate one.

Use One Profile for All Social Media Networks

  • Simplicity; easiest method to use
  • Build a well-rounded online identity
  • Update all of your contacts at once


  • Might cause you to be more reserved than you normally would be if you had a separate personal account– your professional contacts probably don’t care about your Facebook virtual farms and your friends may not care about the details of the conference you’re attending

Use Separate Personal and Professional Profiles

  • Helps maintain work-life boundaries
  • Less fear of your colleagues or boss seeing personal details you may not want to share, so you may be more candid
  • Messages from contacts will be more relevant to the account type (i.e., you’ll see mostly work-related posts in the professional acocunt)


  • Can be tricky to maintain — you need to be sure you are logged in to the right account before posting
  • Harder to see or share updates across all your contacts. Solution: Some programs, likeTweetDeck solve this problem by allowing you to post from multiple accounts on multiple networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Use Separate Social Networking Services for Different Purposes

  • Same benefits as maintaining separate personal and professional accounts on each network, but a bit less confusing. When you’re in Facebook, you write about your life. When in LinkedIn, you can be all business.


  • Harder to share or see updates across all your contacts. Again, though, you can use applications to merge multiple accounts.



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