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Lets Get Slizzard!

on 02/28/2012



When it comes to someone’s personal life and professional career, it is very important to keep the two apart.  On the 15 of February of 2011, when a Red Cross employee, Gloria Huang, felt the need to have a nice cold beer, she did not realize it would become the topic of everyone’s conversation.

When Huang decided to tweet, “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer…when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd,” she forgot to do it through her personal account.  Instead of family and friends seeing that she wanted a cold one, all 270,000 followers of Red Cross were the lucky ones.

While this situation could have turned into a major public relations crisis because of people thinking that all Red Cross workers did was get drunk, it did turn out to have a positive turnout.  When Red Cross saw the tweet, they tweeted  “We’ve deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.”

When followers saw this, they began to tweet with the same hashtag #gettngslizzard, which eventually reached a Dogfish employee.  This eventually led to them partnering up to do a beer for blood offers.


Although this mishap turned out to be positive for both Dogfish and Red Cross, all employees need to be aware of where they post certain comments and what the comments are because they can lead to a major disaster for the company and quite possibly for your career.

Here’s more on the incident:




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