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On the Edge

on 02/21/2012

To us (the understood “you” sitting in Social Media 101 with Heaps this evening), social media comes second nature. We grew up with all of them. Facebook has developed so much farther since I first logged in back in 2004. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr and YouTube only scratch the surface of a now exploding field.

To us, they are all just tools. For us, there is no need to explain why they are helpful. Most of us, are fluent in the special features and everyday uses of these tools. But, we are not at the top leadership rankings, yet.

This article from PR News speaks from an experienced PR professional’s point of view. Many of those that have been in the business for years and years do not understand the full use and potential of social media. I found it to be a very interesting admission to their lack of flexability this far into the game.

Although we do surpass many in the understanding and use of social media, it is important that in the future, we understand that we will be them someday. Therefore, the four essentials for those to “thrive in social media” will be just as important for us to use for every aspect of our progression. Listen, learn, participate and practice. Keep these traits active and we just might be unstoppable…

How do you keep your edge?


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