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Social Media Crisis Response

on 02/14/2012

When a company is in crisis mode, it is important to have a plan already established to help guide actions via social media.

Five tips from PRNews for a successful social media crisis response:

  1. Build your networks before you need them
  2. Respond quickly: Social media is immediate. When it’s working against you, you must engage within minutes or risk your message vanishing into the clutter.
  3. Fix the problem
  4. Be human:  Talk to customers as though you were talking to them face to face. Don’t be anonymous or hide behind your logo.
  5. Use the right medium: If you’re being attacked on your company Facebook page, respond there.

It is also important to make sure your social media efforts are valuable to crisis communication.

How determine which social comments to respond to in crisis from PRNews:

      Social Influence + Intensity of Comment = Value of Responding

  • Social Influence: How likely the person is to have an influence in the social world. How likely are the followers to engage in the content.
  • Intensity of Comment: Target comments that will most likely generate responses.
  • Value of Responding: Your goal is to engage the social conversation regarding the crisis—every time that conversation extends further (social influence), you want to engage it with either feedback or support.

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