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on 02/14/2012

To summarize, BlackBerry and its creators, RIM (Research in Motion), have had their hands full after a hardware breakdown happened on one of their overseas networks that soon after created a data buildup.

On the occasion of a press conference, RIM was committed to return all messages and emails which were stuck on five continents because of a failure.

He subsequently advised corporate clients that it would take maybe until Thursday morning (time zone on the east coast of the United States) to purge the entire mail system.

RIM has finally apologized to customers on its website and on his Facebook page.

Many BlackBerry users were frustrated to find out they could not send or receive messages or calls, and could not access their emails or internet.

The most intersting part of this article was the submarry of all the things they things they did right and wrong when they tried to handle the situation  :

What they did RIGHT:

> Provided  a link on RIM’s homepage to live updates about the service outage

> Held a service update press conference

> Created a video from RIM Founder and Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, apologizing to those affected and ensuring that the company is working restlessly to resolve the problem

> Provided access to a conference call with RIM Co-CEOs

What they did WRONG:

> Failed to utilize social media efficiently to communicate with their customers as the video apology was posted days after the hardware breakdown occurred

> Did not provide a sufficient statement on the issue right away

> Created a video where Lazaridis was clearly reading off of a teleprompter – causing some viewers to believe the apology was insincere

In my opinion, I agree RIM’s crisis communication team did some things correct, but I think their worst mistake was they did not prepare a social media response plan. They took too many time to answer their consumer without thinking of the consequences. That’s why it is really important to preapre plan in advance!



You can see on youtube the conference call with RIM Co-CEO’s:



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