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Taco Bell: On the road to redemption

on 02/10/2012

About a year ago, Taco Bell was accused (or should I say caught?) for having only 88 percent beef. Most of the accusations were posted view blogosphere for discussion. This put Taco Bell in a full-fledged social media crisis.

Good news? They were not the first to deal with this type of crisis. Dominos had a similar situation in 2009. This gave Taco Bell and Rubenstein Associates senior executive vice president, Marsha Horowitz, a bit of a grid to follow. Still, this was one of the first big social media crisis’ of the 21st century.

The company president stared in a YouTube video early on in the crisis stating what exactly the other 12 percent of the beef contained. He also made sure to let consumers know that it passed USDA inspection with a 100 percent. The Facebook page hosted the video and sported multiple “likes,” however, the written reviews were mixed. Twitter was a “love fest” for the company.

In retrospect I believe it is good that they handled the situation as quickly as they did, but they could have added more to the video side of things. Perhaps an introspective look on how the beef is made right in the kitchen, as well as other menu items.

All in all I don’t believe Taco Bell really suffered too much. As long as there are hungry college students at 1 a.m. there will be Taco Bell to save them!


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