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Taco Bell Bounces Back

on 02/09/2012

There is a lot of speculation behind fast food and the ingredients it contains. Fast food chains such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Burger King are known for having questionable ingredients in the food they sell.  Documentaries such as “Super Size Me” have led fast food chains to re-think their platforms to their publics.

With the vast elements of social media, fast food chains have taken even more hits with viral YouTube videos, Tweets, and Facebook messages that place the company in a bad light. Tim Wasserman explains more in an article I found on Mashable.

Most recently, Taco Bell faced a crisis when a lawsuit was filed against them that claimed their ingredients of their beef were misleading.  There was also a photo posted on a blog of prepackaged Taco Bell meat, and the ingredient list looked very long and questionable. With Taco Bell taking a hit via social media, they decided to respond using the same tools.

Taco Bell placed this video on YouTube of their President, Greg Creed. Throughout the video Creed assures the audience that the Taco Bell’s meat is “88% USDA approved meat”. He goes on to describe the remaining 12% of the meat contents and mentions that it is a “Taco Bell Secret, and I’m going to share it with you”.

I think Taco Bell did a great job in combating this lawsuit and social media attack.  They responding promptly and confidently and assured the audience they had nothing to hide.  They have a page of their website dedicated to showing the ingredients of the meat to the public. The public claimed they were hiding something, but they responding with a simple strategy of “Nothing to hide”. I think this was a great strategy and response to end a crisis the way it started, through social media.

-Eric Hughey



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