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Pros & Cons of Crowdsourcing

on 02/07/2012

Crowdsourcing involves getting a crowd of people to help you with any task you want. So, you ask an large group of people to perform a task for you, and anyone who’s interested may perform the task. You’ll get finished work from dozens of participants, which you get to select the best one from.

The principle of crowdsourcing is based on the idea that more heads are better than one, and you can hire people based on skill rather than lowest bid.

Crowdsourcing’s biggest benefit is the ability to receive better quality results. Since several people offer their best ideas, skills & support, crowdsourcing allows you to select the best result from a sea of ‘best entries,’ as opposed to receiving the best entry from a single provider. Since crowdsourcing’s a form of freelancing, results can be delivered much quicker than traditional methods. You can get a finished video within a month, a finished design or idea within a week, and microtasks appear within minutes. Although crowdsourcing isn’t designed to lower provider’s rates, sometimes costs can be cheaper with crowdsourcing.

But in my opinion, crowdsourcing has also a huge con. Ask you this question: when everyone will save money by paying peanuts professional expertise or amateur productions, who will pay these people so they can live, produce, form, and reflect consume? When all firms will reduce their R & D in interne to buy elsewhere, who will invest in research? Hire someone, pay a professional, means you recognize the value of time and accept risks – because when you own a company there are always risks to take ! Does everyone can indefinitely outsource the risk and investment? There are savings that can become costly …




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