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CrowdSpring.com “Tell us what you need”

on 02/06/2012

When businesses are in search of creative help, whether it is designing a logo, slogan, or campaign- it can be tough to create something outstanding with little resources. A lot of times, a business may not have enough resources in their design department or not enough funding to outsource the project.  The new and growing system of “crowd sourcing” has become very popular and effective.  

crowdSPRING.com is a crowd sourcing site for creative logo and web design.  The process is fairly simple while being very effective.  The business can post a short bio as well as the type of project it needs completed.  The business can name their price range, and the time deadline.  On average, over 100 designers reply to every post by a business in need.

There are over 100,000 designers connected to crowdSPRING.com around the world.  I believe this a really great way for small businesses to stay competitive in the market.  When businesses do not have the funding, man power, or time to spend working on in-depth website or logo design, they can name their price and still get hundreds or possibilities in return.  This allows the business to focus their efforts on the main part of the campaign and objectives while receiving hundreds of design possibilities for the same price.  This is also a great way for free lance designers to make some money between large projects or contracted jobs.

Check out crowdSPRING.com and how it works.  There also very similar such as 99designs.com. 

-Eric Hughey



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