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The Social Media News Release explained in detail

on 01/31/2012

100 years after the invention of the press release, “the Daily” launches Social Media Press Release (SMNR).
Anxious to adapt to Web 2.0, it offers a press release 100% online,shareable and rich content for the video.

In the article I have chosen “The Social Media News Release Explained in detail”, the author describes how to make a news release in detail. It is really interesting for someone who work in the communication department to understand the structure of a news release.

All of the following elements that you can find in “The Daily” are described:
1) The Banner
2) The QuickLinks
3) The introduction and the video sharing social networking
4) The news
5) Multimedia elements and the code emboded essentia
6) Social media and tags

For more information, here’s the site:http://www.socialmedia.biz/2011/12/07/the-social-media-news-release-explained-in-detail/

The advantage of SMNR is that you can quickly see the most important points for a blogger. He has the ability to copy and paste items that are useful for him in only few seconds! This also allows to quickly download articles, videos or any items that are suceptible to be interesting. In my opinion, this is undoubtedly an essential tool for bloggers of tomorrow!


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