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How to Effectively Write a Social Media News Release

on 01/31/2012

The social media release is an end in itself. The company writing the news release is the publisher of the content. It is not necessary to depend on another outlet to use and disseminate the information. Media pick-up is irrelevant.

An article on Forbes describes how to effectively write a social media news release, and what information should be released in this manner. The best thing about these releases is that they are mass communication intended for the largest possible audience.

The article’s tips include:

  • Create conversation around your news by asking a question, making a joke or a thought provoking statement. It makes people interested and want to keep reading.
  • Keep with social aspect by incorporating pictures or video into your release.
  • Write news that could be deemed newsworthy by customers and potential customers. Keep in mind: significant news for the target audience.
  • Share the news of what’s in the release, but personalize it. Then link to the release from your website or an outside outlet.

These tips will help you keep your customers interested in your news releases.


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