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on 01/31/2012


According to a State of the Media report done by Vocus, news staffs continued to diminish in 2011. Some may find this a bit of a surprise considering that less newspaper’s actually shut down in this time.


In an article on PR Daily, it is recognized that the influence of social media is a huge contributing factor to this minor phenomena. Newspaper staffs are collecting tech savvy editors who know the ins and outs of digital and social media. These, and many other changes, have created the need for some changes in how the PR industry runs.


The seven things listed in this article are:


  1. Text alone is boring. Media outlets are looking for visuals in addition to the story.
  2. Do not forget, in the midst of technology, you are still pitching stories to PEOPLE
  3. The iPhone/iPad is no longer a suggestion. Get one.
  4. DO NOT PITCH USING SOCIAL MEDIA – This is not an effective, nor professional, way to present a story.
  5. Although you do not want to pitch through social media, do create relationships in this way.
  6. Reporters are busier than ever in this social media age, make it as easy as possible for them.
  7. TV newsrooms are best approached between 8 and 9 a.m. via telephone.


These are just seven items to what I am sure is a never-ending list. Social media is changing the distribution of news, it is up to us to keep up with the times.


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