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Press Release Faceoff

on 01/30/2012

I found this article on Mashable that was posted by Sundeep Kapur of Click Z, a partner of Mashable that provides marketing and business news.  They provided a list of the “Top 11 Social Media Sins for Brands”.  I have paraphrased the list below but you visit the more detailed and descriptive list HERE.  I stopped at number five because it’s the most important for this week’s theme of social media news releases. 

1. Don’t run specials all the time.

2. Don’t wait for people to come to you.

3. Don’t run contests and games all the time.

4. Don’t block negative feedback on your media platforms.


6. ….

Kapur makes an interesting point in the article as she describes the logical thinking behind this point.  Kapur states, “Do you pay attention to more than 300 characters or watch long video clips? Brands tend to forget the conversational nature of engagement on social media sites – short, interesting stories are a much better way to engage.”

In our textbook Engage, Solis states “It’s not if, but WHEN the traditional press release will be killed off by the social media release”.  I agree that social media press releases will start to make a more wide appearance on the web but, I believe that standard press releases will still serve a purpose.  Kapur makes a valid point when stating that social media is made to be concise and to-the-point.  Thus, I believe the social media press release and standard press release will complement each other in the future, not one killing off the other.

Social media press releases should be used at the shock and awe factor and should drive traffic to the full length press releases in standard form.  Why limit yourself to 160 characters to tell a “concise” story when you can use 160 characters as an avenue to the full story.  What do you think will happen with this “press release faceoff”?

-Eric Hughey



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