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Issue Resolution on Social Media Websites

on 01/24/2012

While social media is increasingly becoming one of the main ways consumers contact corporations, it is important that corporations know and understand how to handle consumer complaints.

An article by Duke Chung on Mashable describes how corporations should respond to negative comments made by consumers about a product or service on their website.

 “Happy customers who get their issues resolved tell an average of four to six people about their positive experiences”

To resolve issues quickly and by listening to your audience, you will not only find repeat customers, but positive word-of-mouth messages sent via social media. This will reach hundreds of people without the company being the message sender. Chung says that satisfied customers are one of the most influential brand ambassadors.

How to turn customers into brand ambassadors:

  1. Be Fast
    -25% of social media users expect a response within one hour
    -Since the internet and social media are instant, it is important to keep up.
  2. Be Visible
    -Think of each response as being a reference for any other customer with
    the same issue.
    -Join in the conversation about your brand to better understand the
    community that follows you.
  3. Be Consistent
    -Brand accuracy drives confidence and credibility, and helps build brand
    loyalty among your customers.
  4. Be Organized
  5. Be Human
    -Your customer support should make customers feel as if they’re posting a
    normal question on a friend’s wall. Creating that kind of relationship
    with your customer should be the priority of any company.

Your company’s support system, through social media, turns into an open, interactive community, where customers can share their positive experiences with one another and spread the good word about your products and services – all on your behalf. This is why it is beneficial to listen to your customers and resolve issues as Chung suggests.


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