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Starbucks Going Green

on 01/23/2012

Starbuck’s is known as one of the world’s most popular producers of coffee worldwide, but this has also led to some negativity.  According to an article on Forbes.com, Starbuck’s has been known for emitting large amounts of carbon with every single cup of coffee produced.  This has raised much awareness within its public, which has led Starbuck’s to look into major environmental changes within its company.  

One such change that has caused people to turn heads is Starbuck’s new shipping container outlet.  This outlet just opened this past December in Tukwila, Wa.  It consists of one 20-foot container and three 40-foot containers.  

According to Spokesman Alan Hilowitz, the core mission that Starbucks’ is trying to display with this new, cleaner addition is “providing a gathering place for communities, using Starbucks’ scale ‘for good,’ and reducing the corporation’s carbon footprint — while also recycling the same kind of shipping containers that transport our coffees and teas around the world.”

This goes to show that Starbuck’s is not only listening to what their publics have to say about their company, but are thinking above and beyond just their problematic coffee cups.

Here is a link that displays pictures of the new shipping container outlet: 



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