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Obama Hosts Google+ “Hangout”

on 01/23/2012

Public relations is an important practice in any form of business communication.  Listening to your audience is one of the most important tasks.  Businesses can publicize and promote themselves like crazy but until they start listening, they will never be successful.  Without an audience or customer, the business will fail if it doesn’t take time to LISTEN. You must keep your audience happy and always keep them in mind.


PR functions such as “listening to your audience” can even be seen at the highest governmental levels.  For example, President Barrack Obama will speak online on The White House’s Google+ page at 5:30 pm next Monday, January 30th.  The President will give a short address and then answer the questions that are the most highly voted on by viewers and general public.  Viewers can message in via video or text with questions.  The White House is even publicizing it as a “hangout”.


This is a perfect example of “listening to your audience” within PR. Obama has to keep the citizens happy because the citizens control his fate of office.  This is also very relevant to our text reading, Engage. On page 44 Solis states, “Go where your customers [audience} are, not where they aren’t”.  This is illustrated by the President and his staff by holding online video chats that incorporate social media, podcasts, blogs, etc.  There is a very high percentage of young people that don’t vote each year. But where young people are involved, is social media and the internet.  This is a way for the President to capture the voices and opinions of those people.  Social media allows for an aspect of listening and feedback.  Through traditional media such as newspaper articles and nationwide addresses on television, feedback from the audience is far more difficult to obtain.


-Eric Hughey


For more information check out these sources:
-Book: Engage by Brian Solis


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